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You have come to the right place if you are interested in testing SMD/THT components using 2D/3D X-ray Inspection.

Here you have the choice of short micro-webcasts, which last about ten minutes, or one-hour webcasts, which look at the topics in more detail.

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Micro-webcasts from the field of Automated X-ray Inspection

Here you will find short, informative webinars with compact knowledge on various topics and practical applications.

10-minute sessions

PILOT Inspect Maintenance App

X-ray systems that monitor themselves - this is made possible with a digital maintenance concept. The preventive maintenance plan reduces downtime and costs.

Volume representation of 3D X-ray images with CTview

The 3D visualisation enables a spatial volume representation of the acquired X-ray images. This simplifies the fault analysis and classification of detected abnormalities at the verification station.

MultiAngle Detector 3

The X-ray detector combines excellent image quality with rapid inspection speed. The full-surface scanning inspection enables excellent layer separation for double-sided assemblies.

PILOT Inspect Dashboard App

An app that monitors and controls all inspection systems, avoids downtimes and enables quick response in the event of a fault: the dashboard of the PILOT Inspect software is a helpful tool for productions with multiple assembly lines.

Human Machine Interaction

Our X-ray systems show the operators various system statuses even at a distance. This helps the operators to react quickly to avoid a line stoppage

PILOT Inspect intelliFLOW

The new, intelligent PCB transport “intelliFLOW” shortens handling times. As a result, the total cycle time can be reduced with increased throughput.

5 Facts about Voids

Voids are difficult to detect and cause great danger to assemblies in operation. Learn more about this fault pattern and how to safely detect voids. 

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Webcasts about Automated X-ray Inspection

In-depth knowledge of approaches to various topics with practical applications.

60-minute sessions