Product videos from Embedded JTAG Solutions

Testing and programming electronic assemblies

This is where we focus on testing and programming your assemblies, both in development and production.
Our product managers report to you in short video sequences the news from the area of Embedded JTAG Solutions.

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Look into the System

Jan Heiber, Application Manager at GÖPEL electronic, talks about newest hardware and software developments from the Embedded JTAG Solutions.


Hardware News from the Embedded JTAG Solutions

Software news from the Embedded JTAG Solutions

Look into the system

Alexander Labrada-Diaz, Applications Engineer at GÖPEL electronic, shows you the hardware portfolio for our jtag test and programming solutions.


Hardware overview

Look inside the system

Falk Steingroewer, Technician at GÖPEL electronic, talks about the complete solution for testing & programming electronic assemblies — the BARCUDA VP230 from the Embedded JTAG Solutions.

Watch our inline programmer RAPIDO very close in the second video.

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