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AOI module for mounting processes and THT assembly

THT Mounting Site

THT assembly and many other mounting processes are still not fully automated due to economical reasons. As a result, such work is usually carried out manually by appropriately qualified employees. Compared to automated processes, however, the risk of faults in manual assembly, such as THT printed circuit boards, is much higher. Monotonous work in particular can easily lead to fatigue and the resulting careless mistakes.

The ideal solution for direct and immediate fault detection in such manual processes would be a high-resolution, automatic optical inspection system directly at the assembly station. At the same time, the system should be completely subordinate to the conditions of the assembly process.

The problems for the realization of such a system are obvious. High resolutions with large image areas are usually achieved by scanning or stop-and-go camera systems.

The open mounting environment results in changing lighting conditions. This poses an extreme challenge to the image processing algorithms, which must provide reliable inspection with reproducible results despite the unfavorable conditions.


MultiEyeS plus

With the MultiEyeS plus, GÖPEL electronic offers a smart automatic optical inspection module for integration into mounting and THT assembly stations. It fully meets these requirements through the consistent use of the latest technologies.

The system concept based on multi-camera image acquisition technology enables imaging with outstanding quality and detail resolution. Thanks to the AI functions used, the system is self-learning and works completely reliably even without light shielding. Real-time monitoring of mounting and placement processes directly at the assembly station is now a reality.

The MultiEyeS Technology

  • inspection area 550 mm x 450 mm
  • matrix cameras
  • total resolution of up to 120 megapixels
  • wear- and maintenance-free
  • parallel recorded frames are combined with stitching algorithm

Unsurpassed speed

  • test speed up to 800 cm²/s
  • captures and inspects the entire PCB with a single snap

Artificial Intellicence

  • self-learning system
  • sturdy classification even in open systems without light shielding
  • increased test reliability despite changing lighting conditions
 Artificial Intellicence

Inspection scope

  • presence of components
  • correct positioning of components and connectors
  • polarity
  • OCR
  • position and defect detection
  • check for completeness


  • PILOT AOI - user-friendly operator software with AI
  • reference database
  • program optimization based on statistically recorded inspection data