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Inspect SMD boards inline or stand-alone

Basic Line · 3D

Optical Inspection with Basic Line · 3D

Stand-alone AOI System for manual loading and flexible adaptation of different assemblies.

The Basic Line · 3D can also be utilized as a separate repair station and is characterized by a comfortable fault classification via keyboard.

A multitude of...

SMD-Inspektion von Leiterplatten mit Advanced Line

AOI - Optical Inspection with Advanced Line

The inline AOI system for flexible integration opportunities.

The Advanced Line AOI system’s decisive advantage is the multitude of opportunities for inline integration into the production process. The system can be utilized at each position in a...

3D-SMD-Inspektion mit Vario Line · 3D

3D AOI - Optical Inspection with Vario Line · 3D

AOI all-rounder Vario Line · 3D for the highest quality standards.

Vario Line combines the best in fault detection, customer specificity and economic viability using 3D measurement technology and 2D image capturing. Four angled-view cameras and the...