Electric Motor Test Bench - precise and fast measurement

One test platform for electric motors and electric drives

Electric motors and drives go through a number of processes during development before the first prototypes are available to start production. It is therefore particularly important to detect possible errors or weaknesses in the product as early as possible in order to minimize or avoid the effort and costs of their elimination.

CARMEN (CAR Motortest Environment) is a modular and scalable test system for electric motors and electric drives - usable in development, (series)production, testing, endurance run and environmental testing.

CARMEN (CAR Motor test Environment)

The modular and scaleable test system for electric motors and electric drives is applicable in:

CARMEN provides a wide range of static and dynamic test methods for DC motors . Detailed investigations on the characteristic curve test bench in the laboratory, or long-term tests under climatic conditions ensures electric motors are thoroughly tested. This provides a high quality series production.

In End-of-Line-Tester electromechanical parameters such as speed,  torque, current and voltage are tested or measured. In order to maintain short cycle times, only individual operating points are used to evaluate the test objects.

GÖPEL electronic develops customer specific concepts for high performance EOL testers with networked test cells, designed for high volumes and short cycle times. The design of the EOL tester is based on the results of the individual development stages, from prototype to endurance test, this ensures an optimal cost-benefit ratio. Here, we seek close cooperation with the customer, which serves as a valuable basis for the design of the system.

A database-supported uniform system software allows complete traceability of test parameters and results from prototype to series production.

Highlights of the electric motor testing system

  • quality-determining features check electric motors under realistic working conditions
  • measurement of electrical and mechanical parameters according to standardised test procedures
  • customer specified configuration
  • access to all individual functions and therefore freely programmable test scenarios


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