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Customer-specific Inspection with TOM Combi Line

Optical Inspection System for Instrument Clusters

The optical inspection system TOM Combi-Line is ideal for prototype and evaluation testing of instrument clusters in any type of vehicle. The inspection tasks carried out by the TOM Combi-Line include checking display contents such as icons or characters.

Depending on the application, the compact desktop model can be fitted with up to three 5-MegaPixel cameras.

The image capture of the instrument clusters is not done directly but via integrated mirror assemblies. One special feature is the flexible test item bracket, which allows optical inspection of any kind of instrument cluster.

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The software tool TOM Line has a vast number of different functions with a comprehensive image-processing library. There are also opportunities for incorporating and configuring CCD and CMOS cameras with digital interfaces such as FireWire, GigE or USB.

With the easyOCR feature, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and East Asian characters can be inspected reliably and without any elaborate learning process. The easySymbolMatch function combines the automatic generation of classifiers for symbol recognition with ultra-efficient object detection.

TOM Line Software