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Recordings from 18th until 28th January 2021

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Artificial intelligence and augmented reality

Inspection solutions enhanced through new technologies

Lecture from 18th January 2021 with Dr. Jörg Schambach, GÖPEL electronic GmbH



Nothing works without AXI - 3D X-ray systems for inspection of hidden solder joints

Lecture from 19th January 2021 with Andreas Türk, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

AXI-Systems in daily use - Hardware and Software

Workshop from 19th January 2021 with Andreas Türk, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

3D AOI: From the second assembly to serial production

Lecture from 20th January 2021 with Jens Kokott, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

AOI in the SMD process: the creation of test programs, optimization and use in production

Workshop from 20th January 2021 with Thomas Heßland, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Innovative inspection technologies in the THT process

Lecture from 21st January 2021 with Jens Kokott, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Smart Factory with PILOT Connect: flexible verification, data management and MES connection

Workshop from 21st January 2021 with Sebastian Müller, GÖPEL electronic GmbH


KI bei der Akustikanalyse in EOL-Testern

Workshop: Überwachung von Störgeräuschen in End-of-Line-Testern

Vortrag und Workshop vom 23.11.2020 mit Jens Jäger, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Vortrag vom 24.11.2020 mit Andreas Kraus, Kraus Hardware GmbH

Vortrag vom 25.11.2020 mit Andreas Neubert, GÖPEL electronic GmbH


Welcome to the world of visual project development

Lecture from 25th January 2021 with Thomas Wenzel, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Selection of optimal test strategies 2020

Workshop from 25th January 2021 with Sven Haubold, GÖPEL electronic GmbH


Intelligent support appreciated. Beginning of the AI age in System Cascon

Lecture from 27th January 2021 with Ricardo Wenzel, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

SYSTEM CASCON - News of Versions 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 

Workshop from 27th January 2021 with Norbert Münch, GÖPEL electronic GmbH



  • Embedded JTAG Solutions

    Fachvortrag über die Embedded JTAG Solutions als PDF von Martin Borowski, GÖPEL electronic

    3 MB

Höchste Qualität in jedem Fertigungsschritt durch leistungsstarke Inspektionslösungen

Vortrag vom 01.12.2020 Jens Kokott, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Smart Factory mit PILOT Connect: flexible Verifikation, Datenverwaltung und MES-Anbindung

Workshop vom 01.12.2020 mit Sebastian Müller, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Sicherheit bei kollaborierenden Robotern

Vortrag vom 02.12.2020 mit Philipp Kießlich-Köcher, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Mensch vs. Maschine - EoL-Prüfplatzautomatisierung mit Cobots

Workshop vom 02.12.2020 mit Philipp Kießlich-Köcher, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) in Production

Lecture from 28th January 2021 with Alexander Beck, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Turnkey solutions for production - JULIET, BARCUDA and RAPIDO

Workshop from 28th January 2021 with Marc Fuchs & Falk Steingroewer, GÖPEL electronic GmbH