MultiEyeS plus with augmented reality-based placement assistance

Optimization of the THT placement process and reduction of placement faults

With the MultiEyeS plus, GÖPEL electronic offers a powerful automatic optical inspection module for integration into assembly and THT placement stations. To improve manual THT assembly processes, user-guided assistance during placement has been introduced in November 2023. The combination of an intelligent assistance function for THT placement with reliable and reproducible optical inspection makes a significant contribution to an optimized THT placement process.

The MultiEyeS plus inspection module is based on a 47 megapixel image acquisition unit equipped with a flexible LED lighting system, providing a very high image quality and detail resolution with an inspection area of up to 650 mm x 550 mm. The module is able to reliably verify the presence, position, and color of THT components, read labeled or laser-edged 2D codes and barcodes, as well as recognize text.

A powerful laser projector was integrated into the AOI module to implement the assistance function. This option makes it possible to intuitively support the manual placement process by displaying placement information, such as the position or component type, directly in the operator's field of vision. This prevents placement mistakes and achieves reproducible placement results, even with a large variety of products. In addition to displaying information during the placement process, faults detected by the AOI during placement are also displayed directly on the PCB.

"Thanks to the direct integration of an AOI module at the location of the placement or assembly process, faults during placement or assembly can be detected and rectified in real time," says Dr. Jörg Schambach, Product Manager for Industrial Image Processing at GÖPEL electronic. "With the augmented reality technology extension, our MultiEyeS plus also ensures that operators are guided through the placement process in a user-friendly way. This is a huge advantage, especially when there is a large variety of products or new personnel need to be trained," he adds.

Reproducible and reliable failure detection directly at assembly and THT placement stations in conjunction with AR-based assistance ultimately helps to continuously improve the quality of products with manual assembly or placement. In addition, the technology supports and relieves personnel in the work process, which means that costs due to placement failures can be avoided.

MultiEyeS plus with placement assistance
Created by Beatrix Hofmann | | Inspection Solutions AOI

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