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Embedded Programming

Programming serial Flash devices (I²C, SPI) or parallel Flashes (NOR, NAND)

The idea behind Embedded Programming is to offer one solution for all programming requirements of modern electronics using already available on-board resources – whether used in development or in production. A universal programming system today must support several scenarios. On-board programming distinguishes between the programming of serial Flash devices (I²C, SPI) and the programming of parallel Flashes (NOR, NAND). In addition, more and more data must be written into on-chip Flash memory. This often involves processors, controllers, or FPGAs. Users in production are encountering increasing demand to carry out these programming requirements in parallel on several boards.

The Embedded Programming solution implements all these requirements in one system.

The hardware and software used in this process is so flexible that the user can adapt the system at any time. This makes it possible to easily meet the requirements for smaller or larger batches, shorter cycle times, etc. 

Depending on the application, one or more technologies are used