Low Cost Boundary Scan for Entry-Level Users


If you are looking for a compact yet powerful module to enter the world of Embedded JTAG Solutions, SCANBOOSTER II is the perfect choice. The latest generation of the JTAG/Boundary Scan controller offers almost unlimited possibilities to combine state-of-the-art embedded technologies: for testing, validation, debugging or programming.

The SCANBOOSTER II complements the existing range of SCANFLEX II solutions in the lower and medium performance range and is used for JTAG/Boundary Scan testing, (C)PLD/FPGA programming and programming of Flash components such as NAND, NOR, SPI, I²C and eMMC.

SCANBOOSTER II is based on state-of-the-art multi-core processors and FPGA. This supports the synchronized execution of all embedded technologies in order to make instruments embedded in the circuit usable. This is especially important for complex boards with greatly reduced physical access.

Due to its optimized price/performance ratio, it can also be used in very cost-sensitive applications, with full support from the integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON. Due to its compatibility with the more powerful SCANFLEX II platform, the test programs can be transferred directly.

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  • 2 independent, true parallel Test Access Ports (TAP)
  • 16 MHz maximum TCK frequency
  • 32 Mixed Signal I/O
  • USB 2.0/GBit LAN host interface
  • Use in laboratory and production
  • Use as desktop module or for integration into other system environments

Low Cost Boundary Scan

The controller range provides optimal solutions in particular for standard applications with high cost pressure and lower performance requirements.




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