Desktop Solutions for the Production

Boundary Scan Test - SCANFLEX

Boundary Scan is an electrical test method, detecting structural errors in circuits. Scan test essentially means “testing at the periphery (boundaries) of a circuit”. The elements used for testing are located in the periphery (at boundaries) of the…

SCANFLEX II - Embedded Test & Programming

SCANFLEX II CUBE is the new generation modular JTAG/Boundary Scan controller. Based on the latest multi-core processors and FPGAs, SCANFLEX II CUBE opens new ways for the Embedded JTAG Solutions. The multifunctional architecture of the SCANFLEX II…

Low Cost Boundary Scan - SCANBOOSTER II

If you are looking for a compact yet powerful module to enter the world of Embedded JTAG Solutions, SCANBOOSTER II is the perfect choice. The latest generation of the JTAG/Boundary Scan controller offers almost unlimited possibilities to combine…

JULIET - JTAG/Boundary Scan desktop tester

JULIET is a professional JTAG / Boundary Scan Tester suitable for production. It combines the complete system electronics together with the adaptation of the UUT via an exchangeable adaptor in a compact system.

The JULIET testers are based on…

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