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Cable Tester

GCaT-Gigabit Cable Tester
GCaT-Gigabit Cable Tester

Gigabit Cable Tester

The GCaT Gigabit Cable Tester allows qualitative test of serial high-speed link cables, not just simple connection test (Go/NoGo test).

The test system provides sustainable transmission security, already during development or selection of cables. Thanks to the modular adapter principle, any cable types can be tested.

Steffen Kamprad - Sales Manager
M. Steffen Kamprad
+49 3641 6896 714 Tél


  • detection of errors at an early stage, minimizing production downtimes
  • no additional hardware components are required due to the integrated USB controllers
  • short setup time due to modularity


  • completely independent test software
  • automatic generation and processing of tests
  • special functions for both development and production