IP based software technology


FPGA Testing and Programming

ChipVORX is an IP-based technology for implementation, access and control of Chip embedded Instruments via IEEE Std. 1149.x/JTAG. It also supports FPGA embedded instruments in the form of softcores. The ChipVORX library currently contains more than 300 different test and measurement instruments for all leading FPGA platforms. The usage of ChipVORX requires neither expert background knowledge nor specific FPGA tools or continuous IP adjustments.

The FPGA-integrated ChipVORX models are functional software IPs with a modular architecture. This allows you to configure FPGAs individually to use them for functional testing. The capabilities already provided by FPGAs or CPLDs are used to increase test coverage and speed.

Which applications can ChipVORX perform?

  • high-speed in-system flash programming
  • High-speed access test of DDR-SDRAM (at-speed access)
  • universal frequency and clock measurements
  • Bit Error Rate Test (BERT)
  • Control of IEEE-1687 instruments (IJTAG) as well as pure IEEE-1149.1 instruments
  • interactive tests with boundary-scan operations

ChipVORX Synthetic Instruments

Configuring FPGA designs instead of programming

ChipVORX SI is an advanced platform using powerful FPGA IPs for test & in-system programming. You can customize universal ChipVORX designs to your specifications and configure them for your needs to enable real-time testing.
The compilation of the FPGA design is completely moved to a cloud and acts in the background. This results in maximum flexibility and easy handling, without any special knowledge of FPGA designs. In addition, you avoid additional programming costs.
ChipVORX SI will support completely new application possibilities in the future.

Which applications can ChipVORX SI perform?

  • Gigabit-Transceiver Bit Error-Rate Test (BERT)
  • Frequency measurement (for differential Clock-Signals)
  • Ethernet PHY Interface Tests (GMII, RGMII, SGMII, HSGMII, QSGMII, XGMII…)
  • Ethernet Frame-Error Rate Test (FERT)
  • Support of special I/O Standards
  • At-Speed RAM connection test (DDR3/DDR4 and newer)
  • Nominal Speed requirements or customised functional test features (LCD Test, Buses (UART…), Protocols (HDMI…))

In addition, ChipVORX SI allows several of these instruments  (CV and CV SI) to be combined into a single FPGA Design to avoid multiple configurations of the FPGA in the test sequence.


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