New SCANFLEX TIC module for programming of microcontrollers

For universal high-voltage in-circuit programming of microcontrollers

The product family of SCANFLEX® TIC modules from GÖPEL electronic has grown. As a highlight at this year's SMTconnect in Nuremberg, the new SFX TIC022-HVPRG/SR will be presented. It is a special TAP interface card as an external test interface solution for all SCANFLEX II controllers SFX II CUBE and SFX II BLADE.

Flexible control of any serial debug protocol

The SFX TIC022-HVPRG/SR complements the existing range of so-called TAP Interface Cards (TIC) with a variant for flexible control of any serial test bus and debug protocols. In addition to JTAG, these include SWD, BDM, SBW, PIC1X and HS/CSI. Due to the reconfigurable architecture, the protocol scope can be extended at any time, even with already installed modules.

Powerful Boundary Scan testing and universal programming

On the software side, it is supported by the integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan platform SYSTEM CASCON™. With the help of the intelligent VarioTAP® technology, processors and µcontrollers can thus be transformed into very powerful design embedded test and programming instruments without any firmware. In addition, the new board can also be used for boundary scan tests according to IEEE1149.x, which allows combination tests with the highest static and dynamic fault coverage. The SFX TIC022-HVPRG/SR provides an additional programming voltage, which is necessary, for example, for HV (high-voltage) programming of Microchip® PIC devices. This also allows devices that have already been programmed and blocked for standard access to be deleted and reprogrammed.

Increasing the universality of test solutions

The SFX TIC022-HVPRG/SR represents the external front-end module in the direction of the unit under test (UUT) and is therefore of particular importance for the reliable and correct control of the connected test bus and debug interfaces. The reconfigurability of the module and the programmability of the interface parameters maximise the universality of the solution on the one hand, and on the other hand make investments more predictable for future applications.

Created by Christina Schellbach | | Embedded JTAG Solutions

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