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JTAG/Boundary Scan - is probably the most ingenious test process

Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan is an electrical test method, detecting structural errors in circuits. Scan test essentially means “testing at the periphery (boundaries) of a circuit”.

In order to implement this sort of testing, GOEPEL electronic has developed the principle of interaction of various hardware components – interplay between

All GOEPEL electronic hardware products are completely supported in the JTAG/Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON. Thereby, the test programs are cross-compatible between the controllers.

The integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan software environment can be utilised throughout the entire product life cycle. 

The Embedded JTAG Solutions: SCANFLEX

Principle of Scantest (Boundary Scan)
The Principle of Scantest
SCANFLEX Architecture (Boundary Scan)
System architecture SCANFLEX consists of three components: Boundary Scan Controller, TAP Transceiver and I/O Module
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