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JULIET - JTAG Unlimited Tester

Desktop Tester

JULIET is a professional JTAG / Boundary Scan Tester suitable for production. It combines the complete system electronics together with the adaptation of the UUT via an exchangeable adaptor in a compact system.

The JULIET testers are based on standard components like SYSTEM CASCON™, SCANBOOSTER™, and SCANFLEX® II, hence they are compatible to systems already used in development, and flexibly upgradable. A total of six different JULIET versions cover all possible production applications, from the simple test execution to the complete repair station with graphical failure visualisation, and make the system ideal for fast prototyping and low volume production.

JULIET - JTAG Unlimited Tester
JULIET - JTAG Unlimited Tester

JULIET Series 3

Steffen Kamprad - Sales Manager
M. Steffen Kamprad
+49 3641 6896 714 Tél

JULIET Series 3

Additional Features

  • verification of all power supplies with immediate deactivation in case of user-defined malfunctions
  • discharge function for more safety in the DUT supply
  • complete usability of VarioTAP via JTAG/BDM/PIC/SWD/SBW by integrated SCANFLEX II controller
JULIET Series 3 - JTAG Unlimited Tester