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Network Tester

A network testing system allows statements on the physical properties of bus interfaces, the checking of communication properties as well as the simulation of transfer fields on the individual control device, even in a group.

With the combination of measurement technology and diagnosis functions within the network system, this allows special network tests to be realised, the carrying out of which was previously often costly and not automated.

The network test determines whether a control unit can send and receive data to the right specification under all possible operating conditions in the motor vehicle. Whether a control unit affects communication within the vehicle environment or in the case of disrupted communication carries out unchecked reactions can be checked with the network testing system.

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GOEPEL electronic supports you with the development-related qualification of ECUs and their tests. The concrete error analyzes can be integrated directly into your developments and thus secure your own projects. Through the creation of automated and reproducible test sequences, progress is documented.

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Test Scenarios - Network Test

  • bus physics
  • parameters
  • supply
  • data definition
  • fault management
  • network management
  • diagnosys
  • function

Test Cases - Specifications


  • Cross section requirement specification HS_CAN_LAH_V57F
  • VW 80110, VW 80111, VW 80118, VW 80000
  • VW End-to-End Communication Security
  • DT Network Management Specification
  • JLR Design Verification Method for CAN Network Management
  • FIAT Off-vehicle physical level test 7-Z0145
  • BMW, FORD Conformance
  • Other


  • Conformance Test Specification Package for LIN 2.1
  • VW LIN group specification (KLH) 2.1.2
  • VW LIN test specification 1.6
  • DT LIN component tests
  • Other

Automotive Ethernet (BroadR-Reach)

  • Residual bus simulation (with/without switch)
  • Connection tapping
  • Gateway functionality test
  • Functions for DoIP and SOME/IP


  • VW group specification (KLH) 1.6
  • VW network test specification FlexRay 1.7
  • End-to-End
  • Other


  • VW 80124
  • VW KWP2000 on TP20 1.2
  • Test specification ISO-TP 1.2 according to ISO 15765-2 / -4
  • Other