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Test stand for electric motors - precise and fast measurement

A test platform for electric motors and electric drives

Endurance tester for electric drives
Endurance tester for electric drives for 4 channels


Electric motors and drives go a long way from development and the first prototypes to series production. It is therefore particularly important to detect any faults or weak points in the product as early as possible in order to minimise or avoid the costs and effort involved in rectifying them.

CARMEN (CAR Motor Test Environment) is a modular and scalable test system for electric motors and electric drives - applicable in development, production, endurance testing and environmental testing.

CARMEN provides a variety of static and dynamic test methods, e.g. in compliance with the standards of the German automotive industry, ready for use.
It enables detailed analysis on the development tester, long-term tests under climatic conditions on the endurance tester and cycle time optimized operating point tests on the end-of-line tester.

A database-supported uniform system software allows a complete traceability of UUT data and evaluation parameters over the entire product life cycle.

Development tester - 1 measuring section
Development tester with one measuring section
Development tester electric motors
Development tester with 3 measuring sections


  • check of quality-determining features for electric motors under realistic working conditions
  • measurement of electrical and mechanical parameters
  • configurable to customer specifics
  • user administration for configuration of use rights to various programme functions


  • development
  • lab
  • series production