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Sample Point System for CAN/CAN-FD

Patented collision tolerant method for scanning sampling point measurement

With the Sample Point System GÖPEL electronic provides a measuring system for the determination of the sampling time for CAN/CAN FD. The box is an optional add-on for the standard network test system. The Sample Point System allows the sampling time to be determined reliably with modified CAN/CAN-FD frames even in the event of collisions (simultaneous bus access) and thus under real conditions.The system detects collisions reliably, handles them specially and repeats the measurement with the current parameters. The functionality includes a patented, collision-tolerant method as well as the measurement of the sample point for CAN/CAN-FD (arbitration and data phase) with a +/- 1% accuracy of the measurement. The connection to the network test system is performed via the Ethernet host interface. Smooth integration of the measurement is guaranteed by the standard test sequencer from GÖPEL electronic.

The network testing system from GÖPEL electronic allow statements on the physical properties of bus interfaces, the checking of communication properties as well as the simulation of transfer fields on the individual control device, even in a group. With the combination of measurement technology and diagnosis functions within the network system, this allows special network tests to be realised, the carrying out of which was previously often costly and not automated. The network test determines whether a control unit can send and receive data to the right specification under all possible operating conditions in the motor vehicle. Whether a control unit affects communication within the vehicle environment or in the case of disrupted communication carries out unchecked reactions can be checked with the network testing system.

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Sample Point System for CAN/CAN-FD