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Overview about Automotive BUS interfaces

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CAN Interface for Automotive Tests

CAN, the Controller Area Network allows onboard computers of vehicles to communicate in high-speed. You can use the CAN Controller e.g. as hardware interface for diagnostics according to specification 2.0 A/2.0 B, CAN-FD.


LIN - Local Interconnect Network für Automotive Test

The LIN bus is a serial communication system for networking sensors and actuators. The fieldbus is suitable for test systems in the automotive industry. Find out all about our hardware products with LIN control and


K-LINE for Automotive Tests | ISO 9141

The K-line refers to a vehicle bus system and, in addition to CAN and LIN, also offers options for accessing control units in the installed vehicle and carrying out diagnostics. K-Line is suitable for test systems in the automotive industry. Find all information about our hardware products with K-Line diagnostics and


MOST25 Controller | MOST150 Controller

GÖPEL electronic provides two MOST Controller. MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a serial bus system to transfer audio, video, speech and data signals via optical waveguide (MOST25, MOST50, MOST150) or via electric conductors (MOST50). Inform yourself about our MOST Controllers and


Using FlexRay Interfaces for Automotive Tests

The FlexRay controllers are bus analysis and validation tools with bus analyzer, bus simulator, trigger unit & error simulator. The serial fieldbus system is suitable for FlexRay applications and test systems in the automotive industry.


LVDS - Low Voltage Differential Signaling, Generation and Analysis of Video Data

Generation and Analysis of Video Data with frame grabber, frame generator in one system. Our highlight: the Video Dragon! Here you can learn everything about LVDS splitter, multiplexer and HDMI to APIX1/APIX2 converter.


Ethernet Interfaces for Automotive Tests

Easy CON Media Converter and PXI 6141. Ethernet controller converts the physical transmission layer from 2-pin BroadR-Reach Ethernet to Standard 10Base-T/100Base-Tx Ethernet