From Embedded Board Test to Embedded Programming

To meet the challenges in everyday production and development, comprehensive fault detection in the product life cycle is required through the use of Embedded JTAG Solutions. With our matching webinar series, a compact insight into the fascinating world of Embedded JTAG Solutions is guaranteed.

Discovering hidden faults with Embedded JTAG Solutions

In the field of electronics development and manufacturing, one has to deal with the iceberg phenomenon again and again: insidious errors in the process that are not visible, later at all or at least not at first glance. The proportion of these invisible dangers is growing due to increasing component density and hidden solder joints. In order to meet the challenges in everyday production and development, the right tools are needed.

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Recognizing Hidden Dangers Before It Is Too Late

The dangers of invisible and undiagnosable faults due to increasing component density and hidden solder joints lurk everywhere: in development, production or in the field. Our Embedded JTAG Solutions overcome these limitations of defect detection.

Speaker: Heiko Ehrenberg, Lester Tseng, Jan Heiber

A Glance Beneath The Surface

Defects are increasingly difficult to detect with the naked eye. The targeted localisation of invisible structural defects requires sophisticated solutions.  The Embedded JTAG Solutions makes it possible to find functional defects - from design to production.

Speaker: Heiko Ehrenberg, David Whetstone, Ricardo Schmidt

Always The Right Equipment For Exciting Missions

Improved error coverage, higher test efficiency and faster programming speed make Embedded JTAG Turnkey Solutions possible. How this is achieved is presented in an informative and compact way.

Speaker: Lester Tseng

Detect Functional Faults Across Processes

The ever-increasing effort in fault detection can be improved with the use of functional testing methods based on embedded instruments. The theory of functional testing, EJS technologies, test applications and case studies are presented.

Speaker: Thomas Wenzel, Heiko Ehrenberg, Alexander Labrada-Diaz

Discover Smart Speed Boosters

Whether serial flashes (eMMC, I²C, SPI), parallel flashes (NAND, NOR) or complex devices (processor, controller, FPGA, CPLD): learn more about the new possibilities of versatile programming with Embedded Instruments!

Speaker: Heiko Ehrenberg, David Whetstone, Jan Heiber

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