Update for X-ray system: X Line · 3D gets new 3D detector

MultiAngle Detector 3 especially for multipanel and automotive assemblies

The inline X-ray system X Line · 3D Series 400 has a new detector option for high-resolution 3D X-ray inspection of electronic assemblies. The MultiAngle Detector 3 combines the high image quality of the StingRay Detector introduced last year with the rapid inspection speed of a scanning image acquisition. The 3D X-ray images are captured in motion. The system is particularly suitable for AXI inspection of multipanel PCBs and complex assemblies with many concealed solder joints. Conventional AXI systems with flat panel detector technology cannot be competitive here.

In addition to image quality and inspection speed, the resolution in the Z-direction has been massively increased. Even thinner reconstructed layers (3D technology) allow complete separation of the top and bottom assembly sides. This allows complete fault detection. A clear separation is indispensable, especially for PCBs assembled on both sides. 

Customers who only require single-sided assemblies to be inspected have a further advantage with the new detector. The number of angled projections for generating a 3D image is variable with the MultiAngle Detector 3. This means that single-sided PCBs can be inspected with fewer projections, which increases the inspection speed enormously. In addition, the uniform component library can continue to be used with this procedure and the time for creating the test program can be drastically reduced.

The X Line · 3D is delivered with the programming software PILOT AXI 3.4 as well as the machine software PILOT Inspect 3.4. This allows the system to automatically monitor itself and to create usage-based maintenance plans in advance. This predictive maintenance function reduces maintenance and machine downtimes and thus also costs.

MultiAngle Detector 3

3D-AXI with scanning image acquisition

Created by Matthias Müller | | Inspection Solutions

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