Subsequent fault diagnosis for SYSTEM CASCON

External SVF version with Remote Diagnostics

An SVF-Export/Import-Tool has been realized For the integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON, which includes the subsequent fault diagnosis.

SYSTEM CASCON offers more than 40 tools for testing via Boundary Scan/IEEE1149.x, Processor Emulation Test, FPGA Assisted Test, Embedded Diagnostics Test, Design Validation, Debugging and various programming strategies. This allows the user to develop and execute all embedded technologies for testing and programming complex designs with greatly reduced physical access on one platform.

The CASLAN programs that have been generated using various test generators (interconnection, RAM, cluster tests) can be conveniently exported as SVF files.

If such an SVF file is executed with an external SVF player and this generates a suitable response file, a subsequent diagnosis of faults within SYSTEM CASCON can be carried out. The consistency between response file and CASCON projects and tests is automatically maintained and monitored on multiple levels.

The external SVF version allows a remote diagnosis if the SVF files are

  • executed e.g. on an external tester in the production context; a double contacting of the board by SYSTEM CASCON is then not necessary.
  • executed, for example, as part of a self-test. This makes it easy and quick to decide what type of repair is required.
  • executed e.g. by the customer service - the customer does not need a SYSTEM CASCON on site, but only a simple SVF player.


Created by Matthias Müller | | Embedded JTAG Solutions Software

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