New VarioTAP Models for Texas Instruments and NXP Processors

Testing and Programming with LPC18S37, Kinetis KV5x (NXP) and RM46L852 (Texas Instruments)

New VarioTAP models are available for three processors at once. This technology enables the various controller modules to be used via the corresponding debug interface (JTAG). This allows the various functions of the modules to be used for test programs, i.e. the controller itself becomes a test and programming instrument.

After selecting the controller model, the connected hardware units can be tested and validated as well as on-chip flash memory programmed. In addition, external RAM connection tests and external flash memories can be implemented on request.

The following processors are now supported by VarioTAP technology:

LPC18S37 from NXP

The LCP1800 family is one of NXP's ARM-based General Purpose MCU's, designed primarily for high-speed connections and timing and analog features combined with security features for code and data.

RM46L852 from Texas Instruments

The RM46 family are ARM based RISC Flash MCU's, which are mainly designed for security systems.

Kinetis KV5x from NXP

The Kinetis KV5x MCU family is a powerful solution for industrial motor controls and drives as well as automation and power conversion applications. 




Created by Matthias Müller | | Embedded JTAG Solutions

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