New TIC expansion module for SCANFLEX II controller family

Front-end module in the direction of the test object (UUT)

The SFX II TIC120/LX is a new plug-in interface card for the Embedded JTAG Solutions Controller SCANFLEX II CUBE and SCANFLEX II BLADE. It represents the front-end module in the direction of the test object (UUT) and is therefore of particular importance for the reliable and correct control of the connected buses. The reconfigurability of the module and the programmability of the interface parameters maximize the universality of the solution and at the same time protect the investment against future applications. Since all protocols are hardware-resident and implemented in parallel, there is no need for any retooling times, e.g. for production applications, due to the large variety of test specimen types.  In addition, the use of the various protocols does not entail any follow-up costs, which improves the predictability of investments.

On the software side, the SFX II TIC120/LX is supported by the integrated embedded JTAG Solutions platform SYSTEM CASCON. With the help of the VarioTAP technology available in it, processors and microcontrollers can be transformed into very powerful, embedded test and programming instruments without any firmware. In addition, the new board can be used for boundary-scan tests according to IEEE1149.x, which allows combination tests with highest static and dynamic fault coverage.

Based on the company's own CION/LX circuitry, the SFX II TIC120/LX offers a programmable voltage range of 0.9V...3.6V and other features such as programmable impedance, programmable input voltage, special protection, and an integrated universal switch. This flexibility allows an optimal adaptation to the respective test specimen and the test task.

SFX II TIC120/LX expansion Module

SFX II TIC120/LX Expansion Module

Created by Matthias Müller | | Embedded JTAG Solutions

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