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New Test Coverage Analyzer for Software SYSTEM CASCON

Calculating test coverage of assemblies by software

With a new tool in the SYSTEM CASCON software platform, the test coverage of a UUT can be analyzed. Thus, problem areas due to insufficient test coverage are detected; at the same time, time savings can result from the detection of unnecessary test areas.

The integrated Embedded JTAG Solutions software platform SYSTEM CASCON offers more than 40 tools for testing via JTAG/Boundary Scan/IEEE1149.x, Processor Emulation Test, FPGA Assisted Test, Embedded Diagnostics Test, Design Validation, Debugging and various programming strategies. This allows the user to develop and execute all embedded technologies for testing and programming complex designs on one platform.

The Test Coverage Analyzer is released with SYSTEM CASCON 4.7.0 in a new user interface. In addition to new functions for searching/filtering, comparing, assigning, evaluating and analyzing test coverage information, the data itself has been enhanced. The so-called emulation technologies (test & programming) are now also automatically considered in the test coverage analysis. In addition to the inclusion of emulation technologies, the test dynamics themselves are also captured. Thus static, dynamic, functional and stress tests can be distinguished. It is also possible to import external test coverage information in order to precisely determine the test coverage of the DUT.

Created by Matthias Müller | |   Embedded JTAG Solutions
Test Coverage Analyzer