New System for Endurance Test of Ventilator Motors and HVAC Systems

Quality control by means of wide-range current measurement

GOEPEL electronic offers an independent system for quality control of HVAC (heating/ventilating/air conditioning) systems and ventilator motors. This system makes it possible to confirm correct functionality of the components in order to prevent breakdowns and overheating of motors.

The endurance test system assesses the behavior of coolers by means of current measurements. The values vary depending on the regulation or environmental conditions. The test system supplies the power requirement and monitors the speed of the fan blades.

The powerful electric fan motors in cars must have a residual current of less than 1 µA in order to protect the battery when the car is at a standstill. In the cooling process at full power, the fans burden the board network with up to 3000 W. Relative to this, both low and high power and voltage ranges are possible. The GOEPEL electronic test system continuously detects fast dynamic processes with a high sampling rate and an accuracy of 0.5 µA. The measurement is independent of the quality of the motor power supply.

The test system can be used as a supplement to existing climate chambers. In addition, GOEPEL electronic offers a wide range for testing ECUs for LIN, CAN or FlexRay buses.

New System for Endurance Test CFM15

New System for Endurance Test CFM15

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