New Modules for Testing CAN-FD and Ethernet Interfaces

Plug-on Modules for SCANFLEX II Interface Tester Master in Production Testing

Two new plug-on modules are available for testing interfaces in the manufacturing process. These allow the SCANFLEX II Interface Tester Master (SFX II ITM) to be used for testing CAN-FD and Ethernet interfaces in the manufacturing process.

The ITMC LAN 1G supports standard 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet (IEEE802.3) interfaces. Both automatic connection establishment (autonegotiation) and the defined speed default (e.g. to force 100Mbit/s on a 1000Mbit/s interface) are supported, as well as the protocols ARP, TCP/IP, ICMP and DHCP (as client). With the help of the ITMC LAN 1G, functional tests such as connection establishment, ping test and establishing a port connection can be performed. In addition, the ITMC LAN 1G can also be switched to an external loopback mode. This also allows tests to be performed specifically from the DUT, for example to run throughput or error rate tests. These different configuration options result in a significant improvement of test speed and test depth in the area of functional testing of Ethernet interfaces.

The new ITMC CAN FD/LIN is particularly suitable for the automotive sector, supporting both the classic CAN 2.0 interfaces and the newer CAN-FD interfaces (ISO 11898-1 and BOSCH standard) with switchable baud rates up to 5 Mbit/s. Up to 128 standard identifiers and 64 extended identifiers with corresponding mask filters can be configured to enable targeted message reception. In addition there is a LIN interface on the ITMC CAN FD/LIN which supports both LIN versions (1.3 and 2.0). The ITMC CAN FD/LIN can be operated both as master and slave. The built-in scheduler memory can be used to simulate complex processes for sending and receiving. Both interfaces (LIN and CAN) can also be operated simultaneously to test a connected DUT faster than before with single tests and single interface hardware. This results in a significant improvement in test speed and test depth in the field of modern automotive bus interfaces.

Especially for the production test in the automotive sector, simple but functional interface tests for examining the assembly during production are indispensable. The combination of boundary-scan test, emulation test, and functional interface test makes it possible to execute and evaluate all necessary test procedures during the production test of the assembly in one sequence and with one test system. Additional test stations and systems are not required. By supporting up to 8 ITMCs, several UUTs or interfaces can also be tested in parallel. The simple test program creation with ready-made macros allows the user to perform these tests even without extensive knowledge of the Ethernet, CAN and LIN buses. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated, especially for assembly manufacturers. But also for use in development, the open software platform makes it easy to write specific test programs and execute them immediately.

Plug-on Modules for Interface Testing of CAN-FD and Ethernet

Plug-on Modules for Interface Testing of CAN-FD and Ethernet

Created by Matthias Müller | | Embedded JTAG Solutions

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