INGUN and GOEPEL electronic cooperate for full testing of high-speed interfaces "Made in Germany"

Joint development of dynamic, customer-specific test solutions for high-speed interfaces

When developing sophisticated electronics, it is becoming increasingly important to do more than make simple points about electrical connections. Comprehensive testing of the transmission quality is particularly relevant for large data streams. GÖPEL electronic and contact specialist INGUN are entering into a partnership to mark electronica 2016. The aim is to develop fully dynamic, customised test solutions for high-speed interfaces. These interfaces are used both in product development and in production environments. 

In the city of Constance on the shores of the lake of the same name, the company INGUN has been developing and manufacturing contact pins and test adapters for electrical function testing of assemblies and components since 1971. A pioneer of electrical testing using JTAG/Boundary Scanning, GÖPEL electronic develops systems for automatic BER testing (Bit Error Rate testing). It offers the possibility of performing comprehensive quality testing and design validation on interfaces, without the use of invasive probes or needles. The two companies are now combining their expertise for test solutions that are “Made in Germany”.

The first joint development project is the USB 3.0 Type A – Flex Adapter Card. The add-on card for the ChipVORX module FXT X32/HSIO4 is connected to a test contact solution by INGUN by means of a flexible connection. Thanks to its floating design, the sturdy contact solution can be inserted and retracted in the USB 3.0 Type A socket of the DUT either manually or automatically. The BER test is then performed using ChipVORX technology from GÖPEL electronic. This allows qualitative validation of the SuperSpeed lines on the basis of BER eye diagrams.

ChipVORX Module with USB 3.0 adapter from INGUN

ChipVORX Module with USB 3.0 adapter from INGUN

Created by Matthias Müller | | Embedded JTAG Solutions 嵌入式JTAG解决方案

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