Increased Inspection Speed and new Soft Stop Option for Inline X-ray System

New Soft Stop Option and Optimized Image Acquisition Technology

Even faster inspection speed is now available for the already high performance inline X-ray system series “X Line” from GOEPEL electronic. In addition, PCBs as well as ceramic substrates can be soft-stopped within a fraction of a second without contact using a new sensor concept, alleviating the risk of damage to the PCB by a mechanical stop.

An optimized image recording technology has made it possible to increase the inspection speed for all 2D and 3D machines by 8.5%, resulting in significantly shorter cycle times. For example, an assembly with an edge length of 211mm x 136mm can be fully inspected in 2D with a cycle time of only 23.5 seconds. The speed increase is available for X40PLUS models.

The new “soft stop” sensor concept detects the front edge of the assembly from above without contact. The UUT comes to a standstill in a very short time, but without risk of damage as is possible with mechanical “hard stops”. There is an additional advantage for PCBs with unusual shapes (e.g. oblique edges) as they too can be stopped at the desired position accurately. Bent PCBs can also be stopped accurately. The soft-stop option can be retrofitted to any existing X Line system from XL-214.

X Line · 3D

X Line · 3D

Created by Matthias Müller | | Inspection Solutions AXI 检验解决方案 Systèmes d'Inspection

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