Improved Production Throughput in SPEA Flying Probe Systems through Extension of Boundary Scan Integration

Ideal use of the flying probe resources within the boundary scan tests

The boundary scan integration in the flying prober 4060 from SPEA is being expanded to the ability of panel test. Thus, panels with several boards can now be tested and also use the whole performance of the interactive test. The combined test of flying probe and boundary scan tests every board and collects all results in a joint protocol. This allows an ideal use of the flying probe resources within the boundary scan tests and offers as a consequence enhanced test depth and test coverage. The execution of the tests takes place over the Leonardo software from SPEA, so that there are no changes in the familiar user interface.

Through the new development the user has now the capability to expand the known panel test on the flying probe test system SPEA4060 to the comprehensive functions of SYSTEM CASCON. The SPEA software Leonardo integrates the complete performance spectrum of tests from the worldwide leading boundary scan software. In this context the capabilities by SYSTEM CASCON to control probe movements and address measurement and driver instruments of the flying prober were expanded to all boards in the panel. Thus, the complete boundary scan potential within the flying probe test system is available for the whole panel, which improves the production throughput significantly. The results of the boundary scan tests are transferred to the SPEA software and can be attributed to the single sites.

The boundary scan option from GOEPEL electronic has already been available for several years in selected flying probe test systems from SPEA. At the same time, the boundary scan hardware architecture has, together with the system software SYSTEM CASCON, been integrated into the FPT adapter system. Combining these test procedures has made extremely high test coverage possible.

SPEA 4060 Flying Probe Tester
Created by Matthias Müller | | Integration Embedded JTAG Solutions

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