GÖPEL electronic supports joint project for research into reliable electronics

iRel40 project funded by the European Commission

"Intelligent Reliability 4.0", or iRel40 for short: GÖPEL electronic is participating in a collaborative European research project with the goal of improving the reliability of electronic components and systems by reducing the failure rate along the value chain. The project was launched in mid-2020 with almost 75 partners from 13 countries and is scheduled to run until 2023. The focus will be particularly on artificial intelligence to enable an increase in quality and reliability in electronics.
The idea behindthe project is to strengthen the digitalisation of Europe in the fields of automotive, energy, safety and industrial electronics. As a specialist in test and inspection technologies in electronics production, GÖPEL electronic is participating in the "research and development of new algorithms, methods and tools for determining the reliability of embedded interconnection structures at board and system level". Specifically, this includes two business units from the Jena-based company. The Inspection Solutions department develops a sample assembly with predefined good and bad solder joints. This then serves to generate image examples for the optimisation of AI algorithms. An image database forms the basis for automatic detection of faults on assemblies in production. The Embedded JTAG Solutions business unit analyses cracks in solder joints, in various work packages by modelling electrical failure mechanisms. The influence of thermal ageing processes on the quality of data signals is also examined in order to detect symptoms of failure as early as possible. In another point, intelligent IEEE 1687.2 IP instruments are developed as FPGA designs. These instruments in the chip are relevant for testing analogue functions within the device and the components connected to it.
iRel40 has the overall objective of improving reliability by reducing the error rate. Five strategic sub-goals were formulated in the overall project. GÖPEL electronic is involved in the "Reduction of the error rate by 30% and enabling lifetime predictions with linked and new test concepts along the ECS value chain". The project is funded by the European Commission together with member states in the ECSEL initiative. The German focus is on multifunctional electronic systems, energy-saving power electronics, design of complex systems and production technologies.

Intelligent Reliability 4.0

Intelligent Reliability 4.0

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