Extension of ChipVORX Technology for Chip Embedded Instruments on Altera Arria V SoC Series

ChipVORX technology for BERT extended for SoC FPGAs of the Arria V series by Altera

GOEPEL electronics extends the availability of ChipVORX® model libraries for Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) using SoC FPGAs of the Altera Arria® V series to support embedded test and embedded programming.

ChipVORX® is a technology for universal control of Chip Embedded Instruments via JTAG port.

The special ChipVORX® models are modular IP (Intellectual Properties), which contain all relevant access information for the target FPGA and are part of a comprehensive IP library. Thus, the user can select the target FPGA and then enable the desired test or programming function during project development. Fast Flash programming, RAM Access tests and universal clock frequency measurement as well as Bit Error Rate Tests (BERT) can be performed without special FPGA knowledge required of the user. By design, with integrated test electronics no needles or probes are necessary for contacting the UUT. Application settings for the FPGA images (including the connection between IP and pin) are performed automatically and without FPGA synthesis. Parameters for functions like Bit Error Rate Test and frequency measurement are interactively set via control panels and become operative immediately.

About Altera Arria® V SoC FPGA 

The Altera Arria® V family offers an optimal mid-performance range. It combines a wide array of functions, such as memory, logic and DSP units with first-class signal quality through transceiver up to 28,05 Gbps. The Arria® V SoC FPGA devices are manufactured in a 28 nm process. ChipVORX® has been developed to provide effective tools with minimal access requirements for test, hardware debugging, Flash programming and design validation after chip mounting. ChipVORX® is fully integrated into the system platform SYSTEM CASCON.

About ChipVORX®

ChipVORX® is an IP-based technology for implementation, access and control of Chip embedded Instruments via IEEE Std. 1149.x/JTAG. It also supports FPGA embedded instruments in the form of softcores. The ChipVORX® library currently contains more than 300 different test and measurement instruments for all leading FPGA platforms. Some of these instruments are frequency meters and high-speed Flash programmers as well as IP for at-speed access test of dynamic RAM devices. The use of ChipVORX® requires neither expert background knowledge by the user nor special FPGA tools or continuous IP adaptations.

About Bit Error Rate Test (BERT)

So called Bit Error Rates (BER) are measured to evaluate the channel quality in digital transmission systems. BER is the relation between faulty transported bits and the total number of transported bits in a certain time interval. The equipment consists basically of the pattern generator, a transceiver with error detector and a clock generator, synchronising both. The bit patterns, created by the pattern generator, are in particular important for the quality of the Bit Error Rate Test, as they have critical influence on the fault stimulation during the transmission (stress pattern). The new solution uses respective instrumentations in parallel on all transmission channels.

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