Expanded human-machine-communication for X-ray system

Light bars show system status

The AXI systems by GÖPEL electronic have a new feature to expand the human-machine-communication. For this purpose, four bright light bars were integrated into the exterior design. The light bars are located in the corners of the outer casing and show the operating personnel various system statuses even from a distance.

This helps the operators to react quicklyin order to avoid line downtime. For example, static colors are displayed for the basic operating modes: machine inspects, machine is waiting, machine has a failure or the machine is in service mode. In the event of a failure, a distinction is also made between the left and right machine side. If there was a problem with the PCB input on the left side, it lights up red. A material shortage at the input or a PCB jam at the output is also signaled in this way. In addition to the static colors, certain functions are also provided with animations. The warm-up of the X-ray source is visualized by a progress bar. Also a test result statistic of the for example last 10 inspected PCBs can be displayed optionally.

Human-Machine AXI Communication

AXI System with Human-Machine-Communication

Created by Matthias Müller | | Inspection Solutions AXI

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