Automotive Cyber Security: Automotive communication controllers support SecOC

Series 61 and Series 62 support secure on-board communication

GÖPEL electronic's Series 61 and Series 62 communication controllers now support Secure Onboard Communication (SecOC). Thus, sophisticated residual bus simulation solutions can still be realised even for current control units with security functions.

The integration and use of this communication security is carried out via the G-API (GOEPEL Application Interface), the central programming interface for the integration of GÖPEL hardware products into user-specific applications. The Net2Run Restbus Configurator as a Windows application, offers a rich environment for the generation of residual bus solutions. The SecOC implementation of Series 61 and Series 62 supports the variants of various OEM's according to the AUTOSAR standard.

SecOC is an effective way of protecting vehicle functions and preventing unauthorised interference with data exchange between control units. Therefore it is all the more important to test this protection in a suitable environment or to make it available in the remaining bus simulation. The remaining bus creation and parameterisation of the SecOC functions is supported by the GÖPEL electronic application team if required.     

The Series 61 and Series 62 communication controllers are ideally suited for residual bus simulations of heterogeneous vehicle networks and for testing and flashing ECUs. The wide range of available communication resources is supplemented by digital IOs, analogue channels and special signals such as PWM and SENT. In addition to SecOC, the controllers also support diagnostic and transport protocols, network management and XCP as onboard functions, which relieves in-house applications of these time-critical and complex tasks. The Series 61 and Series 62 communication controllers are therefore ideal for use in development stations, manufacturing test benches and run-in systems.


Secure On-Board Communication with Series 61 / 62

Secure On-Board Communication with Series 61 / 62

Created by Matthias Müller | | Automotive Test Solutions

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