CTview - 3D volume detection for easier analysis on AXI system

Three-dimensional volume display of solder joints

The inline X-ray system X Line · 3D by GOEPEL electronic now features a new 3D visualization. This allows a three-dimensional volume display of the acquired X-ray images. Fault analysis,  as well as the classification of detected abnormalities at the verification station are thus further simplified.

The X Line · 3D with MultiAngle Detector 3 inspects electronic assemblies with a fast, scanning image acquisition technology. By means of planar computed tomography (planarCT) ultra-fine, high-resolution 3D slice images can be generated. The new CTview enables a volume visualization of these 3D X-ray image data. For example, BGAs and THT solder joints can be displayed and evaluated in three dimensions. It is also possible to take a look into the volume via horizontal and vertical sections. CTview also has a transparency view. This makes air inclusions in the solder joints optimally visible without having to work with sectional planes. BGA Head-in-Pillow (HiP) effects are also displayed three-dimensionally and can therefore be optimally evaluated. CTview is fully integrated into the offline programming software PILOT AXI and the verification software PILOT Verify. If a defect is detected by the 3D X-ray system, it will now be additionally displayed as a 3D volume at the verification station. This facilitates the classification of detected defects and enables more detailed analysis.

3D volume image of a void

3D volume image of a void in a BGA solder joint

Different display modes of BGA solder joints in ctView

Different display modes of BGA solder joints in ctView

Created by Matthias Müller | | Inspection Solutions

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