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The HERMES Standard

The GOEPEL electronic Inspection Solutions support the Hermes Standard.

The open, manufacturer-independent and freely available protocol based on TCP/IP and XML is used for machine communication in SMT production lines. This allows smart SMT lines to be set up much more easily and cost-efficiently, making the manufacturing process transparent and traceable.

The Hermes standard replaces the SMEMA standard. It offers flexible structures for seamless and loss-free data exchange across all stations of an SMT line.  With the focus on board flow management, PCBs can be tracked without loss of time. Since, in contrast to the SMEMA interface, separate Ethernet interfaces are not required, PCBs do not have to be synchronized. The use of standard components and modern data formats also simplifies the integration process and reduces costs.

The Hermes Standard is IPC-Standard according to IPC-HERMES-9852.