X-Ray Inspection with X Line · 2D

X Line · 2D

The X Line · 2D allows high-speed inspection of assemblies populated on one side. The intelligent 2D technology is completely free from typical distortions. This allows consistent component testing at any point in the image field.

By combining X-ray inspection (AXI) with an AOI module, inspection tasks can also be carried out which are not possible using X-ray alone (AXOI). If required, the X Line 2D can be upgraded at any time to a 3D system for assemblies populated on both sides.

AXOI Inspection Philosophy

AXI Part, Primary Inspection

  • all-over solder joint check using AXI
  • IPC-compliant checking of solder joints
  • concealed and visible solder joints are reliably tested using AXI

AOI Part, Secondary Inspection

  • test tasks that cannot be performed with AXI are covered by supplementary AOI sensors
  • polarity
  • character recognition
  • colour recognition
  • code reading
  • selective solder joint inspection

Programming Software - PILOT AXI

... a software for AXI test program generation. The inspection process wizard allows fast and intuitive programming. The offline programming concept reduces machine downtimes.

  • extensive AXI/AXOI component library
  • CAD data import (ODB++, GenCAD, Gerber data, insertion data)
  • integrated debugging statistics for fast optimization of inspection programs
  • full offline programming away from the production line
  • intelligent data management for storing test results
  • numerous test functions for X-ray and AOI inspection

Typical Applications

  • X-ray inspection of single/double-sided PCBs
  • BGA inspection
  • QFN, DFN, LGA testing
  • testing for voids
  • testing of the rear solder meniscus on gull-wing pins

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