Automated X-Ray Inspection

With the automated x-ray inspection you will have an all-over solder joint check using 3D AXI for IPC-compliant checking of solder joints. Concealed and visible solder joints are reliably tested using 3D AXI.

Application Example

Read more about our special applications in the area of x-ray inspection from different industries:

Abaco Manufacturing Systems

Reliable 3D X-ray for Formula 1 and NASA applications were realised by GÖPEL electronics' 3D X-ray Inspection System

Abaco Manufacturing Systems (AMS) is a British EMS provider. The company specialises in highly complex products in the high-mix/low-volume sector, manufacturing in batch sizes of 1 to 500.

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  • assemblies with „Face-to-Face“ assembly with BGAs
    • BGAs are populated congruently on the top and bottom side of the assemblies
  • 5 mm thick 28-multilayer assembly provided with a shield plate in some areas


  • patented X-ray detector of the X Line · 3D enables full capture of both sides of the assembly in short time
  • layered reconstruction of components and solder joints
  • X-ray inspection detects assemblies hidden under shield plates

You will find your solution with 2D-, 2.5D- or 3D x-ray inspection:

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» X Line · 3D