Inspect THT Assemblies inline or stand-alone

Optical Inspection with THT Line

The THT Line - 3D is an AOI system for the inspection of THT components, THT solder joints and wave soldered SMD components in a single system. With up to 8 angled view cameras, concealed components and lateral markings can also be inspected. The…

Optical Inspection with MultiEyeS inline

The MultiCam Line is a completely wear and maintenance-free inline AOI system for THT placement inspection and conformal coating inspection. The system has an integrated camera module called MultiEyeS. It consists of multiple cameras arranged in a…

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AOI Module for THT Assembly Processes

MultiEyeS plus is the AOI module for mounting processes and THT assembly. A smart automatic optical inspection module for integration into mounting and THT assembly stations.

Selective Solder Joint Inspection with Selective Line

The Selective Line 3D is a powerful AOI integration module for the inspection of selective solder joints - available in two performance classes, in 2D or 3D image technology. 

Based on the modular design of the camera and the lighting head, it can…