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Inspect THT Assemblies inline or stand-alone

THT Line

Optical Inspection with THT Line

THT Line is an AOI System for efficient quality assurance of THT assemblies, THT solder joints and wave soldered SMD components in the production process. An inspection of hidden components and vertical labels is possible with up to 8 angled-view...

MultiCam Line

Optical Inspection with MultiCam Line

MultiCam Line is a completely wear and maintenance-free inline AOI system for THT placement inspection for use in the narrowest of spaces. The camera module MultiEyeS consists of multiple cameras arranged in a matrix-like configuration with a...

Selective Line

Selective Solder Joint Inspection with Selective Line

The Selective Line is a powerful AOI module for inspection of selective solder joints. Based on the modular design of the camera and the lighting head, it can be flexible integrated into the periphery of selective soldering systems. The combination...