Automated Optical Inspection of SMD Assemblies

Basic Line · 3D

Stand-alone AOI System for manual loading and flexible adaptation of different assemblies.

The Basic Line · 3D can also be utilized as a separate repair station and is characterized by a comfortable fault classification via keyboard.

A multitude of variants and settings in illumination and camera make the system a highly precise and fast inspection device. Customized configurations and technical upgrades are also possible.

Anwendungsbeispiel: Stoll electronic

Wenn Qualität das A und O ist

Die Firma Stoll electronic GmbH fertigt Baugruppen für elektronische Steuergeräte und Industrieanwendungen, hauptsächlich für das traditionsreiche Mutterunternehmen, den Strickmaschinenhersteller STOLL. Als EMS-Dienstleister fertigt Stoll electronic Leiterplatten im unteren bis mittleren Volumenbereich und lässt diese mit dem AOI-System von GÖPEL electronic prüfen.

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  • manuelle Sichtkontrolle wurde durch steigende Baugruppenkomplexität unmöglich
  • spezifischer Anpassungsbedarf eines AOI-Systems
  • ein AOI-System musste hohe Typenvielfalt stemmen können


  • maximum fault detection
  • unique illumination from infrared to ultraviolet
  • patented 360° inspection in 1° steps at constant resolution and definition

Extension Opportunities

  • rotatory angled-view inspection
  • laser height measurement
  • add-on camera with microscopic resolution


  • Anpassung des Pflichtenheftes sowie der Hardware und Bedienersoftware in enger Zusammenarbeit
  • schnelle Prüfprogrammerstellung für häufigen Produktwechsel


  • outstanding ease of use with the system software PILOT AOI
  • highest fault detection through different inspection methods as well as individually expandable inspection functions and library entries
  • maximum inspection reliability through verification of the inspection depth and monitoring of defect detection

Industry 4.0 and MES

global data management and MES connection as well as central verification across several production lines with

» PILOT Connect and » PILOT Supervisor

Integration Solutions

  • individual integration opportunities into the production process (repair station, fault output, usage of serial numbers)
  • extensive data interfaces to quality management and traceability systems (ZVEI standard, iTAC, customised)


The Camera Module 3D · ViewZ

  • area-wide 3D measurement
  • selectable 3D measurement, 2D inspection or 3D/2D combination
  • identical field of view of all technologies - without additional axis movements and offset
  • telecentric orthogonal lens
  • adapted focal plane for angled-view inspection

Fully automated generation and optimization of test programs

MagicClick for SMD assemblies

available in software PILOT AOI Version 6 for Basic Line with Shape Finder

  • generates production-ready test program including component library in only a few minutes
  • PCB-specific layout is considered through import and automatic analysis of Gerber data
  • optimization of inspection parameters based on sample PCB and IPC standard
  • efficient use of AOI already for second PCB
  • up to 80% time savings for test program generation and optimization
  • guarantees return on investment in the shortest time

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