Test System for assembled PCBs

Function Test System for small batches

In a functional test system for small batches, the contact to the PCB to be tested is realized via a needle bed adapter. The components for the function tester are housed in a switch cabinet. The core of the system is a PXI rack in which all important measurement technology components, such as DMM, analog measurement cards and circuit cards, are integrated. The system is supplemented with additional devices, which are controlled via Ethernet, GPIB and USB.

The connection to an external adapter with adapter cables also allows the creation of fully automated contacts. This allows even large series to be tested more efficiently.


  • Medical Technology
  • Industrial Technology
  • Communication Technology


Do you already have concrete expectations of a function tester? Do you know what is important and what the test system should achieve?
Then send us your configurations and key data that the tester should have and make a non-binding inquiry.

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