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Webinar: Individuality desired? - Flexible Integration of AOI systems into the THT process

Assessing the diversity of all components, it can be clear noticed: THT components are still present in significant numbers despite the march toward miniaturization and increases in integration density. What are we doing to guarantee assembly quality in production when utilizing these components? Usually, it is done through manual means or not well tested at all.  Neither is acceptable under today's quality demands. This fact appears more problematic, as THT components are still in use in sensitive areas - especially in the field of power electrics.

Inform yourself online and free of charge in about 60 minutes, including question and answer session about typical manufacturing problems and requirements for THT inclusive production processes. In our webinar, we will give you a live presentation on key insights regarding the structure of an in-line AOI system for component and solder joint inspection of THT assemblies.

During the presentation you will learn about various integration options for the shortest quality loop and maximum effectiveness. You will also learn how our inspection systems can be connected to company-internal MES and traceability systems, and which challenges and opportunities exist for AOI systems with respect to labeling of assemblies and workpieces. 


The following questions will be answered during the webinar:

  • What possibilities for in-line integration are offered by AOI systems for THT assemblies?
  • How can these systems adapt to the given production situation?
  • What labeling of workpieces and assemblies is necessary for unambiguous assignment of errors and traceability?  

3:00 pm UTC 
4:00 pm BST 
5:00 pm CET 
11:00 am EDT
10:00 am CDT

David Whetstone, GOEPEL electronics LLC

Target audience
The webinar addresses quality and production issues and will be ideally suited to managers for electric assemblies, technologists and production planners as well as CEOs and directors of electronic manufacturing companies.

Beginners and advanced users

The participation of our webinar is free of charge.  


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23 Oct 18 10:00 11:00
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