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Webinar: MagicClick - The other way to an AOI test program…

In this webinar we will be describe the way that an automatic AOI test program can be generated, by using MagicClick. An AOI system can be used efficiently already for small volumes through this innovative and revolutionary approach. It will be followed by the presentation of 3D AOI concepts as well as their advantages and disadvantages for the user.
Webinar MagicClick

The webinar starts with a view to the conventional test program generation for AOI systems.

While in this approach the availability and quality of an inspection library is the basis for the test program generation, a completely different way is possible with MagicClick.

In the webinar we will describe how a production-ready test program incl. associated library entries can be defined in an unrivalled short time without any pre-existing library entries. An automatic parameterisation having regard to the real process fluctuations is included.

In the second part of the webinar the AOI system Vario Line · 3D will be presented, which builds the basis for MagicClick, interacting with the software PILOT AOI version 6.

The webinar ends with a comparison of different 3D AOI concepts incl. their advantages and disadvantages for the user.

Target Group

The webinar addresses quality and production issues and will be ideally suited to managers for electric assemblies, technologists and production planners as well as CEOs and directors of electronic manufacturing companies.


Daniel Robertson


15:00 pm (GMT)


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15 Mar 18 15:00 16:00
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