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Webinar: Are You Utilizing the Test Resources Already Embedded in Your Board Design?

JTAG enabled embedded test allows PCBA test challenges to be addressed by accessing and controlling on-board resources such as microprocessors, microcontrollers and FPGAs. These resources, already present on your board, can provide high performance test for dynamic memory and high speed interfaces as well as accelerated in-system programming, frequency counters, BERT measurements and even mixed-signal test.

Most test engineers responsible for PCBA test in today’s manufacturing industry face a number of major challenges as PCBA technology evolves. One is diminishing access to on-board components due to increasing densities, covered components and components with hidden contacts such as BGAs. Another is the ever increasing cost associated with test equipment, fixtures and engineering effort required for traditional test methods to keep pace with advancing PCBA technology.

This webinar describes how, using embedded test technologies, on-board processors can be accessed, controlled and used to perform test operations on circuit elements connected to the processor. These include high speed in-system programming for components such as Flash memory, at-speed test of dynamic memory, at-speed test of high-speed interfaces and even mixed-signal test functions to name just a few.

Attendees will learn to reduce their dependency on high-cost test equipment and use existing on-board technology for high-performance signal testing.


Key Facts

  • Learn how to address ever increasing challenges related to component access
  • Discover how to test PCBA integrity from the inside out
  • Enable utilization of technology already on the PCBA for high performance functional/mixed signal test and in-system programming
  • Learn to reduce dependency on high-cost test equipment and fixtures




David Whetstone, GOEPEL Electronics, LLC


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Facts Webinar: Are You Utilizing the Test Resources Already Embedded in Your Board Design?
26 Sep 17 14:00 15:00
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