29. Sep '20

Testing from prototype to series production

Prototype testing with the Embedded JTAG Solutions

Testing already plays a major role in the prototype and development stages of a product. Embedded JTAG Solutions enable the analysis of assemblies without the need for special test software and hardware. From connection tests to the measurement of analogue voltages, to the testing of functional parts of a board, critical areas can be analysed and evaluated even during prototyping stage.

But how do you make the test coverage visible? A new software tool helps to identify problematic areas (e.g. untested areas) and to save time during analysis and test program generation (e.g. by avoiding overlapping test coverage) for static, dynamic, and functional test types. Embedded JTAG Solutions can also be used to find ways to optimize the UUT and the test system when minimizing the number of components.

By introducing embedded JTAG solutions into the development cycle and prototype testing, the transition to series production is simplified and accelerated. Already developed test steps can be easily reused and adapted to the production environment, resulting in further time and cost savings.



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