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01. Jan '70

Embedded JTAG Solutions: Reduce Time - Save Costs

Mobile and ready for use at any time, networked and constantly exchanging information, smart and with a lot of intelligence: tomorrow's electronics present us with new challenges.

The more complex electronic devices are, the more susceptible they are to errors, failures and malfunctions. Security plays an increasingly important role when our everyday lives are increasingly electronically networked. Find out what testing and programming options Embedded JTAG Solutions offer you and how you can use them to solve your specific problems.

The miniaturization of electronics has long become commonplace. This is accompanied by increasing demands on electronics design and production. A lack of space for test points, but also increasing speeds and data rates, sometimes lead to heated discussions between production and development.

In the webinar there will be shown solutions to ensure optimal test coverage with a minimum number of test points. Fast and efficient programming methods will be presented as part of the Embedded JTAG Solutions.

  1. The Embedded Board Test describes a test procedure for state-of-the-art electronics. This uses the intelligence of integrated circuits. Different technologies are used.
  2. The idea behind Embedded Programming is to offer a solution for all programming requirements of modern electronics - regardless of whether they are used in development or production.
  3. Functional testing of modern electronics with the help of the intelligence of already assembled components - realized by the Embedded Functional Test. The creation and application of test scenarios takes place completely in one system, which is formed by a common control hardware and a common control software.

In addition, the application possibilities and possible combinations with other test procedures are discussed.



David Whetstone, GOEPEL electronics LLC


10 am CDT

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  • 01. Jan '70 01:00 - 01:00 Clock
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