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23. May '19

GOEPEL 3D AOI: Affordable Ease-of-Use for Low Volume and Power for High Volume

There are numerous suppliers of 3D AOI systems and just as many concepts for implementing the technology. But how can a manufacturer - whether large or small, high or low volume or mix – find the best solution for their specific needs? This webinar compares some of these concepts and details the advantages and disadvantages of different configurations.

The creation of test programs is a very time and resource consuming necessity for both large and small production runs, especially in high mix applications. The second part of the webinar will show how intelligent software can do this almost effortlessly. This saves valuable time and resources in the manufacturing process, making the use of 3D AOI economical from the second assembly onward.

The third part of the webinar deals with the advantages of networked inspection systems. The possibilities for communication and data acquisition will be explained, whereby false calls can be further reduced with each assembly inspected through active tuning for process variations, maximizing efficiency in the production process.

The webinar discusses various 3D AOI technologies including automatic test program generation and connection to the Smart Factory.

Who may be interested

  • Production managers
  • Technologists
  • Quality managers
  • Managing directors of electronics manufacturing companies


10:30am CDT, 3:30pm UTC, 5:30pm MESZ


David Whetstone, GOEPEL electronics LLC

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  • 23. May '19 10:00 - 11:00 Clock
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