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22. Apr '20

No matter if one UUT or hundreds

Multi panel PCB assemblies in production has its own challenges, requiring highly adaptable test and programming

Automation in electronics production is becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive. Find out here how you can more effectively handle increasing quantities, cost pressure and ever shorter cycle times.

The increasing time and cost pressure in electronics production drives the idea of parallelization in test. If you are able to test and ideally also program many boards at once, you can quickly reduce costs while still increasing output volume.

The challenges are manifold:

  • How to deal with defective UUTs?
  • Better inline or as an isolated solution?
  • How can downtimes and defects be reduced?
  • How can large, varying amounts of data be handled and used effectively?

This webinar shows solutions for the various quantities and requirements of your projects. It will specifically address how the programming of boards in particular can be massively accelerated while ensuring optimum electrical test coverage.

Who should join the webinar

  • Test engineers
  • Engineers in the test field
  • Engineers in the production
  • Electronics developers
  • Quality Assurance Managers


9:30am CST
4:30pm CEST


David Whetstone, GOEPEL electronics LLC


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  • 22. Apr '20 09:30 - 10:30 Clock
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