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10. Dec '19

The right integration for everyone

The miniaturization of electronics has long since become an everyday occurrence - and this is accompanied by increasing demands on design and production of electronics. A lack of space for test points as well as increasing speeds and data rates can lead to heated discussions between production and development. And so the question arises: How can you get out of this tricky situation and guarantee full functionality? There is no test method that guarantees 100 % test coverage. The combination of different technologies and test procedures offers a solution. This can achieve much more - and provide real savings in the production and testing process.

Highlights des Webinars

  • advantages of integrating JTAG/Boundary Scan into other test methodologies such as flying probe test (FPT), in-circuit test (ICT) or functional test. 
  • find the optimal balance of costs and cycle times
  • JTAG/Boundary Scan in combination with other test methods
  • and much more...


Alexander Beck, GÖPEL electronic GmbH


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  • 10. Dec '19 15:00 - 16:00 Clock
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